Our Ingredient - ERME

ERME™ – Ateria’s scientifically backed anabiomic ingredient

ERME™ is Ateria’s scientifically backed and patent protected ingredient.

ERME™ is an anabiomic, a term we use to describe any product which safely restores a healthy microbiome.

Professor John Hunter, Addenbrook’s Hosptial, Cambridge; and Dr Rosemary Waring, University of Birmingham, discovered the application of use, following decades of research into gut health and the microbiome.

ERME™ is derived from barley and comprises a mixture of natural plant-derived enzymes involved in breaking down and metabolising foodstuffs.

Our research shows that ERME™ has benefits in a number of gut health areas including IBS and asthma.

To the best of our knowledge, ERME™ is the first product that attempts to specifically address the causes and the symptoms of certain types of IBS by optimising carbohydrate metabolism and mal-fermentation.

How ERME™ works

Research suggests it works in two ways − it consists of a range of enzymes, including amylases and glucanases, which break down starch and plant materials into glucose and other simple carbohydrates early in the digestive process and provide energy. This means that much less starch is available for mal-fermentation in the lower gut.

The enzymes are surrounded by a matrix comprised mostly of malt polysaccharides which protects the enzymes as they pass through the stomach. The matrix also re-balances the naturally-existing microbiome, improving the levels of ‘good’ bacteria. Unlike probiotics, alien bacterial species are not introduced.


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