Improving gut health.

Backed by real science.

Bill Gates

Professor Hawking Fellowship Lecture at Cambridge University

October 2019

“Until recently, fixing the microbiome has been a complete mystery to us. We’ve learned a lot about it in recent years, and will continue to learn more over the next two decades.”

“An intervention could be what’s called microbiota-directed complementary foods. Think of them like fertiliser for the microbiome. Eating them encourages healthy bacteria – the ones that help digest food and protect us from infection – to flourish.”

Our first brand launch

JUVIA™ Digestive Balance Formula is a groundbreaking food supplement activated by our unique ingredient ERME™.

Unlike probiotics, which attempt to introduce new bacteria, ERME resets the gut by breaking down carbohydrates in the diet, starving the bad bacteria of food, allowing the good ones to thrive.

Gut health plays a key role in human health

Scientists continue to uncover the significant role that the gut microbiome plays in human health with linkages found between gut bacteria and a range of conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diabetes and obesity.

Nutrition is now widely accepted as a powerful tool for the management of symptoms linked to these diseases. Therefore, developing low cost, safe and effective ways of treating these conditions presents an incredible opportunity

Improving gut health.

Backed by real science.

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