Clinical Validation

We believe that food supplements should be backed by robust science. Ateria Health currently has advanced clinical studies underway with leading Australian universities to provide clinical validity to our claims.

Pre-clinical Data

Ateria has generated proof of concept data in human pilot studies demonstrating its product is safe and effective. Ateria’s ERME™ formulation has been tested in both IBS patients and athletes in pre-clinical trials in the United Kingdom.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


An initial IBS pilot study in the UK has been completed and generated positive results.

The effect of ERME™ was studied in a double-blind pilot study in which ERME™ was compared with a placebo.


ERME™ increases digestion in the small bowel – decreases hydrogen released from the mal-fermentation of carbohydrates and starch reaching the lower bowel.


Shown in human volunteers to improve digestion in the small bowel.

  • Respiratory hydrogen concentrations (a marker for mal-fermentation) were determined for six hours after eating wholemeal bread and butter

  • IBS symptoms were prevented in all IBS patients studied

  • ERME™ was shown to significantly reduce hydrogen breath levels between 270 and 360 minutes after eating

  • Volunteer feedback also positively demonstrated that ERME™ increases stool softness and improves passage.

Athletic Performance


Ateria completed a randomised, controlled, double-blind pilot study on serious cyclists in Birmingham, UK.


ERME™ improves performance by increasing energy available and reducing breakdown of body tissue, but also relieves the pathology produced by malabsorption of starch.


Demonstrated improvements in performance in a randomised, double-blind study.

  • Results showed the control group had a 3.08% improvement in performance and the ERME™ experiment group had a 4.77% improvement, with some individuals delivering a 10-15% improvement in performance.

  • ERME™ was shown to increase the energy available from the gut and thus indicating reduced tissue damage during exercise, helping to maintain condition

Current Clinical Trial Program

Ateria is currently engaged in two clinical studies to examine the applications of ERME™ to alleviate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and improve athletic performance. The research is being managed by the prestigious Edith Cowan University, in Perth, WA, Australia.

Field of study

IBS Clinical Trial


  • Randomised, placebo controlled, double-blinded cross over study
  • Examining a number of IBS symptoms, lifestyle factors and biomarkers
  • Recruitment completed, trial in progress

Althetic Endurance Clinical Trial

  • Elite endurance athletes, randomised, placebo controlled, double-blinded cross over study
  • Studying effect of ERME™ on maximal endurance, carbohydrate metabolism and gut health
  • Recruitment completed, trial in progress